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There are a number of reasons you might require bar hire or tap wall hire. Some contact Goldbarz to help prepare for an event, indoors or outside. Our smaller, mobile bars can take three kegs and keep beers, ales and ciders flowing for your guests, ensuring they stay cool and capable of a perfect pour. You might be planning a wedding in East Sussex, West Sussex or Surrey, or looking to roll the red carpet out for a birthday in Kent or Hampshire – whatever the occasion, bar hire makes it so everyone can enjoy a pint of something special, pub style; no more warm cans, with the supply running out half way through the event!

But we can also hire out larger, fully equipped bars if you require it for a longer period of time, or to serve a larger variety of drinks to more patrons. This makes our bar hire services ideal for hospitality businesses looking to upscale for a big weekend, like when the World Cup is on and the existing facilities might not be able to cater to that spike in demand. A larger bar is often requested by companies of all types staging special events and conferences, helping them make the right impression on workers and potential business partners alike!

So if you’re looking for bar hire in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent or Hampshire – contact us to discuss your requirements and we can get to work ensuring your bar’s specs and size is precisely tailored to meet them.

Tap Wall Hire

Another, increasingly popular service we provide is tap wall hire. You might want to trial some smaller batch, local crafts and not have space for them on permanent bar taps. Or perhaps you operate a local brewery in the south of England and want to show off what you’ve got during a trade event or tasting. Our tap wall hire service ensures you get an eye-catching, fully functional tap set-up which will meet your needs for whatever span of time you require them for.

Looking for bar hire or tap wall hire in West Sussex, or any surrounding location in the south of England? Pick up the phone and call Goldbarz on 07789 400 128.

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