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Hospitality enthusiasts of Hampshire: welcome to the Goldbarz website. Whether you're a seasoned publican or just starting out your journey, mastering the art of cellar management is crucial to running a successful establishment, whatever the selection of refreshments you’re putting on offer. A well-managed cellar ensures your customers receive top-notch beverages, which keeps them coming back – and sometimes bringing their friends!

And as the Hampshire area’s first choice provider of cellar services, bar installation, tap wall hire, bar hire and commercial refrigeration – as well as a local brewery and wholesale beer supplier – we’re here to help you keep on top of this. In fact, we’re the perfect partner to ensure you not only keep your cellar organised, and have a full selection of delicious drinks on offer for your clients, but to scale for events and temporary increases in use. However, below we’ve looked to mainly focus on the cellar side of things – so don’t hesitate to navigate our website should you be more interested in other service offerings.

Cellar Management – Tips from Hampshire’s Cellar Services Pros

Organisation is Key – The best Hampshire pubs, where everything runs like clockwork and there are rarely any unforeseen issues, have a strict means of organising and categorising items in their cellars. Follow them in ensuring that kegs, casks and bottles are neatly arranged and labelled, making them easier to locate and restock when needed. Embrace inventory management software to track your stock levels accurately, or consider investing in our cellar services to assist in this.

Temperature Matters – Your cellar's temperature plays a significant role in preserving the quality of your beverages. Aim for a consistent and cool temperature, typically between 11°C and 13°C. Regularly check and adjust your cellar's cooling system to ensure it maintains the desired temperature, and if you’re a larger scale operation calling Hampshire home, consider contacting us to discuss our commercial refrigeration services; this is one of our core cellar services, and as sucj we’re the ideal partner to fit, maintain and repair a commercial refrigeration unit.

Cleanliness is Next to Drinkliness – Regularly clean and sanitise your cellar to prevent contamination and maintain a hygienic environment; after all, these are high risk environments when poorly maintained, and contaminated stock can prove an absolute crisis for Hampshire hospitality businesses. So how do you go about this? Wiping down surfaces, regularly washing floors and sanitising equipment are the core boxes to tick. Implement a cleaning schedule and stick to it religiously.

“First in, First Out” – Rotation, rotation, rotation! Proper cellar management means careful, proper rotation of products to prevent stock from going past its expiration date. Organise your stock, and therefore your cellar, based on its arrival date. This ensures older products are used or sold before newer ones.

Maintenance Matters – While we’re well known as a local brewery and beer supplier in our own right, and often have a hand in bar installation and forms of bar hire (including standalone tap wall hire), one of the most common duties we attend to is the maintenance of Hampshire drinking establishments’ cellars. It’s important to book a specialist in to handle cellar management / maintenance checks, focusing on the condition of coolers, taps and lines. Keep an eye out for any leaks or damage, and address issues promptly to avoid disruptions to your beverage service. Lines should also be regularly cleaned, to prevent problems with quality control.

Supplier Relationships – Do you have a local brewery or beer supplier that helps you keep your premises well stocked with quality products? Beers and beverages that invite comment and favourable review? This is essential, and a great reason to cultivate good relationships with your suppliers. Communicate needs clearly, negotiate favourable terms, and establish trust. A reliable beer supplier ensures timely deliveries and quality products, and that’s the niche Goldbarz fills for the Hampshire area.

By implementing these pub cellar management tips, you'll be on your way to running a well-organised and successful Hampshire establishment. But never be afraid to call in Goldbarz to help you deal through the provision of cellar services, bar hire and tap wall hire, bar installation, commercial refrigeration maintenance and repair, or by serving as your local brewery and beer supplier.

Don’t make life harder for yourself, it’s hard enough running a bar or pub in Hampshire! Call in Goldbarz to assist via bar installation and cellar services. Dial 07789 400 128 today.

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