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When it comes to running a successful pub or bar in Kent, the importance of cellar management and top-notch bar installation cannot be overstated. As a local expert for cellar services, bar hire and commercial refrigeration, we understand the significance of creating a well-organised and efficient premises – all anchored around a thriving, well-kept cellar.

And in running our own local brewery and serving as a trusted beer supplier for Kent and its surrounds, we’ve also seen the amazing results that happen when top hospitality establishments partner with us to improve or deepen their product offerings. That’s why we feel qualified to offer up a small handful of dos and don'ts, here focusing on cellar management, while also exploring the benefits of our tap wall hire services.

Two Dos…

Prioritise Effective Cellar Management

Efficient cellar management is the backbone of any thriving pub or bar. Regularly utilise professional cellar services to ensure cleanliness, organisation and the maintenance of optimal temperature control. This ensures the freshness and quality of your beverages while preventing any potential contamination. Trust our team of experts to handle all aspects of cellar management, from cleaning to inventory management.

Cultivate Strong Relationships with a Beer Supplier & Local Brewery in Kent

OK we might sound a little biased, but it’s objectively true that partnering with a reliable beer supplier ensures a consistent supply of quality products for your establishment. Also, collaborating with a local brewery like Goldbarz near Kent, adds a unique touch, fostering a sense of community while offering customers a distinct selection of beers.

Three Don'ts…

Forget to Carefully Organise Your Cellar

Overlooking cellar management can have detrimental effects on the quality of your beverages and the overall reputation of your establishment. Don't let negligence compromise your success. Trust our cellar services to maintain cleanliness, regulate temperature (e.g through the implementation of commercial refrigeration units), and ensure the smooth operation of your cellar. It lets you focus on more important things, like staff management and customer service.

Underestimate the Significance of Bar Installation

A poorly designed bar setup can lead to inefficiency, service delays and customer dissatisfaction; many a Kent venture with the right intentions has struggled to get off the ground, or reach the next level, for this very reason. Avoid these pitfalls by investing in our professional bar installation services. Our team understands the importance of functionality and aesthetics, crafting a bar that impresses both visually and operationally.

Overlook the Benefits of Tap Wall Hire

The tap wall has become an increasingly popular feature in pubs and bars, capturing the attention of beer enthusiasts. Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase a variety of brews in an engaging and interactive manner. Our tap wall hire service allows you to rotate your beer selection and create a captivating focal point in your establishment.

By embracing professional cellar services, such as those we at Goldbarz provide the Kent area, prioritising effective cellar management, and investing in expert bar installation, you can elevate your Kent pub or bar to new heights. Our comprehensive services encompass commercial refrigeration, bar hire, tap wall hire and a valuable connection to a reputable beer supplier and local brewery – the one that’s made Goldbarz a well-known face in the industry!

Contact Goldbarz today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving cellar management excellence and creating a memorable bar atmosphere at your Kent premises.

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