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Your Trusted Partner for Bar Installation & Cellar Services in West Sussex, Hampshire & All Other Locations in the South of England | Goldbarz Ltd

Welcome to the website of Goldbarz Ltd. Based in Sussex, we serve as trusted beer technicians for the entirety of the south of England, providing a broad service range covering all aspects of cellar management, and beyond into commercial refrigeration. Our trained team work with pubs, bars, restaurants and all other manner of hospitality businesses throughout areas including Kent, Hampshire, East Sussex and West Sussex. We’re known for providing cellar services such as line cleaning, and handling the installation, maintenance and repair of all forms of drinks dispensing equipment.

We’re also a local brewery and beer supplier, home to some lauded craft names such as the Paul’s brand, and provide bar hire and tap wall hire for events of all shapes and sizes, indoor and out. Providing year-round coverage, if you’re looking to build a relationship with experienced technicians who can assist in keeping your operation running smoothly and without incident, you can do no better than contacting Goldbarz Ltd.

Our Services

Browse our website to learn about the services we provide, or contact us to discuss exactly what you’re looking to achieve or source. We specialise in:

  • Cellar Services
  • Cellar Management
  • Line Cleaning
  • Bar Installation
  • Bar Hire
  • Tap Wall Hire
  • Beer Supply
  • Commercial Refrigeration

About Us

Goldbarz has 21 years of experience working with major breweries, including inbev, Coors, Heineken UK and Arundel Brewery. We’re fanatical about all aspects of the industry, not just the technical “behind-the-scenes” aspects of cellar management, such as line cleaning and the maintenance of commercial refrigeration units. Our team is also here to handle bar installation for new ventures kicking off around Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey, and provide bar hire or tap wall hire for events, pop-ups and sudden surges in demand that might need a dynamic solution.

Beyond our cellar services and other technical offerings, we’re a fully-fledged local brewery and beer supplier. Some of our most popular products are under our Paul’s brand name, and you can learn about what these can offer you and your patrons over here. Where does the name come? That’ll be out founder, Paul Burdfield, who continues to run the business to this day, prioritising a personal approach to cellar services that larger, corporate providers simply can’t provide.

Let Goldbarz help you deal with challenges, and take your business to the next level. Learn more about our cellar services, and the products we make as a local brewery in West Sussex,m by calling 07789 400 128.

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