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Surrey: where cosy communities and thriving businesses converge to create exciting local scenes, from Epsom to Esher and onward. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this picturesque county, hospitality businesses such as bars and pubs are continuously evolving to meet the demands of their discerning clientele. Goldbarz is many things to these businesses.

We’re a local brewery and beer supplier helping them keep exciting brews on tap, keeping the people coming back for more. We also help deal with pop-ups and sudden increases in demand via tap wall hire or bar hire. Then, we assist them with a full range of cellar services, including commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance. Whether we’re helping you get on top of cellar management, or simply dropping off a few kegs – we’re here to help you thrive in the competitive Surrey hospitality industry.

How We Assist Surrey Clients

Bar Hire – The life of any event lies in the perfect blend of ambiance, drinks and service. Businesses across Surrey are recognising the value of professional bar hire services, as our individuals looking to run functions in fun places, where bars don’t currently stand. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Goldbarz’ bar hire services cater to all occasions, ensuring an unforgettable experience for guests.

Cellar Management & Other Cellar Services – Behind every great bar lies a well-managed and efficiently operated cellar; ask anyone who has owned, managed, or even just had a short shift pulling pints at a Surrey pub and they’ll tell you this. So it’s no wonder that people outsource aspects of cellar management, alongside other cellar services, to ensure the highest standards of beverage quality and smooth day-to-day operation. From temperature control to stock rotation, they help you keep drinks at their peak freshness, delighting customers with every sip.

Bar Installation – Establishing a remarkable bar begins with a solid foundation. Bar installation services from those who really know what they’re doing, e.g a local brewery, beer supplier and cellar management specialist, is one way to put this foundation in place. Our experts understand the intricacies of space utilisation, providing businesses with aesthetically pleasing and functional bars. From classic wooden designs to sleek modern setups, our bar installation services offer bespoke solutions to Surrey partners, ensuring the end product aligns with the unique identity of each establishment.

Commercial Refrigeration – The importance of maintaining optimal temperatures for perishable goods cannot be overstated. Surrey businesses understand this well and turn to our commercial refrigeration services – which covers installation of units, as well as their inspection, maintenance and repair – to ensure the freshness of their ingredients and beverages. By utilising state-of-the-art commercial refrigeration solutions, Surrey hospitality businesses can keep their day-to-day operations chugging along smoothly.

Tap Wall Hire – Craft beer enthusiasts rejoice! Tap wall hire services are rapidly gaining popularity in Surrey. These innovative setups allow businesses to offer an extensive selection of beers on tap, enticing customers with an ever-rotating range of local and international brews. Tap wall hire services not only elevate the beer-drinking experience but also provide a unique talking point for patrons, encouraging them to explore new flavours.

Local Brewery Beer Supply – In the era of craft beer renaissance, Surrey is fortunate to be home to many an outstanding brewery; and over in neighbouring Sussex, you have Goldbarz – home of much talked about and well-respected Paul’s ranges. Recognising the demand for unique and flavourful beers, businesses are forging partnerships with breweries like our own to supply their establishments. By supporting and partnering with a reputable beer supplier and local brewery like Goldbarz, Surrey operators showcase their commitment to both community and exceptional brews, giving patrons a taste of the nation’s finest offerings.

Have a question about our cellar services, or perhaps looking for a quote on bar installation or tap wall hire? Surrey clients can contact the friendly team at Goldbarz on 07789 400 128.

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