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As well as serving as the south of England’s trusted beer technicians, we’re a fully operational local brewery and beer supplier. Some of our most popular beers, ciders and ales can be found at pubs dotted all around the south of England, from East Sussex to West Sussex, Hampshire to Kent, and over in Surrey, too. On this page, we look at some of our bestsellers.

Our Greatest Hits

Craft Lager – It’s important to have a crowd pleaser on tap, one that patrons recommend to friends and keep coming back for. That’s what you get with Paul’s Craft Lager, a 4% ABV beauty which we find, once it’s on tap, rarely ends up leaving!

Craft Cider – Take in the superb aromas of Paul’s Craft Cider. Sitting at 4.8%, it will be equally in favour with sometimes cider sippers, as those who want something trusty to call their new favourite and go-to. Order both our craft cider and lager, and receive glasses, mats and runners with them.

Fruit & Berry – When summer rolls round and pub gardens start to fill up, you’ll be getting a lot of requests for fruity and refreshing drinks which help with the heat. Paul’s Fruit & Berry Cider fills that niche perfectly, coming in at 4% and packed full of summer flavours.

Hoppy Surprise – …and the surprise is a pleasant one, we promise you that! This is craft ale at its very best, hand brewed by your local brewery in Sussex, Goldbarz. At 4.3% ABV, you can drink a few and really enjoy the flavour profile, which is a complete and utter delight.

Strawberry Surprise – At 5.1% ABV, this fruity number bring the sharp and refreshing joy of a berry cider to the craft beer faithful. After all, why should they miss out? As with other options, this beer has been hand crafted at our local Sussex brewery.

As a trusted craft beer supplier for the south of England - including Surrey, Hampshire and Kent – we deliver our kegs all year-round. Because who knows when you’ll run dry – Paul’s beers, ciders and ales have been known to disappear rather quickly! Contact us to learn more, or with any questions you might have about our latest concoctions.

Looking to sample, or order in any of the beers, ciders or ales we’ve crafted here at our West Sussex local brewery and beer supplier? Call Goldbarz today on 07789 400 128.

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