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What is cellar management, and why do I need it for my pub or bar?

Cellar management is a bespoke selection of cellar services which look to expertly handle your pub or bar's beer storage, maintenance and serving processes. We offer it to Sussex clients who want to ensure that their beverages are stored at optimal temperatures, properly rotated, and served in the best possible condition. With cellar management, you can deliver a consistently excellent drinking experience to your customers.

Can you help me with bar hire for my special event?

Absolutely! Far more than just a local brewery, beer supplier and provider of cellar services, we offer bar hire services that cater to various events, including weddings, corporate functions, and pop-ups around Sussex. Our portable and fully equipped bars can be customised to suit your specific needs, ensuring a hassle-free and stylish bar setup at your event.

I'm planning to set up a new bar. Can you assist with bar installation?

You’ll be pleased to hear this is an area that Goldbarz specialises in. We can help you with everything from conceptualising and designing a new Sussex bar, to professionally implementing it to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t let you down at the worst possible time. As a local brewery, beer supplier and cellar management professionals, we work closely with clients to create a functional and visually appealing bar that aligns with your vision.

Do you provide commercial refrigeration solutions as well?

Yes, we offer reliable commercial refrigeration services. Our refrigeration units, including walk-in coolers and display fridges, are designed to meet the specific needs of your establishment. We provide installation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your refrigeration systems are operating efficiently and keeping your beverages perfectly chilled; and going beyond just commercial refrigeration – did you know we also serve the Sussex area as an air conditioning maintenance and repair company?

Can you supply craft beers for my pub or bar?

As a Sussex based local brewery and beer supplier, we have an extensive selection of premium craft beers – many of which we brew ourselves. Whether you're looking for IPAs, stouts, sours, largers or ales, we have a lot on offer to ensures your customers don’t stay thirsty!

I'm interested in tap wall hire. What options do you offer?

We offer tap wall hire services that allow you to create a visually striking and customizable display for your pub or bar. Whether you prefer traditional wooden designs or modern LED-lit displays, we have options to suit your theme and preferences. Our tap wall hire service is designed to effectively fulfil any temporary requirements for storage and display, while creating a lasting impression on your customers.

What do you offer as part of your cellar services?

Our cellar services cover a wide range of tasks, including regular cleaning and maintenance, stock rotation, temperature monitoring, line cleaning, general cellar management and quality control. We ensure that your cellar is operating smoothly and your beverages are in top-notch condition

Have a different question about any of the services Goldbarz provides the Sussex area, from cellar services, to commercial refrigeration, bar hire and installation? Call 07789 400 128.

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