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Setting up and maintaining a carefully thought-out drinks cellar can be a tricky thing, yet it’s something that every pub, bar, hotel or restaurant has to get right. In fact, ask anyone who has owned, managed or worked in these environments throughout the course of their life, and they’ll tell you that proper cellar management is the foundation from which to build out from.

At Goldbarz Ltd, we help clients around Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey get this just right, by providing a range of cellar services which ensure smooth sailing year-round.

Cellar Services

Line Cleaning & Refurbishment – We can visit on a one-off or scheduled basis to conduct professional line cleaning. Your beer lines are instrumental in ensuring the customer gets a proper pint, and sub-par pours are often attributed to neglected, dirty lines. Our trained beer technicians have handled the line cleaning requirements of major companies like Coors and Innserve. We forgo automatic systems and do it by hand, as we believe this approach delivers the best results, and the maximum value in terms of pour quality and cost-efficiency.

A member of the L.P.S group, we’re one of a number of specialists trusted to professionally clean hundreds of thousands of keg and cask beer lines every year, and can also provide clients around Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey with a preventative maintenance service for any and all dispense equipment. We can also refurbish older lines which are in need of some professional TLC, dealing with any faults and ensuring a clean, efficient pour each and every time.

Bar Installation – Whether you’re gearing up to launch a new venture, you’re refurbishing your existing premises, or are simply looking to correct a shoddy bar installation handled some time ago – Goldbarz wants to hear from you. We work to your requirements and wish list of features, while navigating any hurdles presented by the site itself. Choose a Goldbarz bar installation and you’ll receive something perfectly tailored to suit the needs of your site, staff and clientele, a bar installation that won’t let you down and will be a joy to work with year-round.

Hand Pump Repairs – Manual beer dispensing systems can run into problems. The hand pump mechanism can be blocked, leak or simply malfunction. This can lead to a loss of earning as you’re forced to stop serving particular ales as a pump goes unused. Bring in Goldbarz to get them repairs quickly, without breaking the bank!

Gas Adjustment – One of the many cellar services we provide sees our engineers adjust the calibration and regulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or nitrogen (N2) gas supplies used to dispense beverages on tap at pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants throughout the south of England. Proper gas adjustment ensures optimal carbonation levels, pressure control and a consistent quality of drinks served to customers

General Maintenance & Cleaning – Sometimes you take a look at a cellar and you’re not sure where to start. You know you need to get on top of things, but how? Call in Goldbarz to stage general maintenance and cleaning to your specifications, leaving you with a clean, tidy and fully operational cellar, ready to meet the demands of your business.

Commercial Refrigeration & Air Con – We regularly travel beyond West Sussex and East Sussex into neighbouring counties like Surrey, Kent and Hampshire, to meet the air con and commercial refrigeration needs of hospitality businesses. Our F-Gas certified engineers have hundreds of satisfied customers, and work with you to ensure your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems are up to the task required of them. It’s important they work to accurately regulate the temperature of an environment to prevent products spoiling, or customers overheating and simply going elsewhere.

Goldbarz helps businesses throughout West Sussex, Kent and the wider south of England improve and hone their approach to cellar management. For more on our cellar services, call 07789 400 128.

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